Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well I have to say my husband makes one handsome man, but one heck of an ugly lady. Everybody asked me how much I had to pay him, kind of like they asked me how much I had to pay him to sing with me at last year's Ward Christmas Party. But in truth he is just a fun loving guy who is very confident and doesn't mind making a fool out of himself once in awhile! We had such a good time Trunk or Treating, when Mya finally realized that all the cars were just GIVING AWAY the candy she was thrilled and she ended up with a great haul! Aiden's mouse costume turned out to be too hot (since when do you sweat on Halloween night?). I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I watched this video on my friend Nikko's blog and by the end I was sobbing. With America the way it is today, I have to try so hard not to get scared and to have faith in Heavenly Father. I try to stay away from politics just because it's fear of the unknown that keeps me away, and I also get so disheartened by the way in which our society has changed. I wanted to share this video only because it gave me an overwhelming feeling that, though we are all different, we are ALL God's children, he loves us, he wants us to be happy, and he wants us to be successful. I think that if we all truly believed this we would live in such a different world. Even though I'm not catholic I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, the sacredness of life given by God, and the right to worship freely how, what, and where we may, and I really appreciated the message this video had.

Monday, October 27, 2008

voting dilemma....

My friend Kathy called me today on her way home from voting, and I got to thinking who I was going to vote for. Since I couldn't decide which of the candidates I DISLIKED the LEAST, I decided to go in a different direction... long as he can keep his appetite under control around his constituency, I don't see why he wouldn't be the solution to all of America's problems.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mya's "Juicy" Suit

Before everyone starts flipping out...Mya didn't get a juicy suit...if anyone is getting Couture it's gonna be me, and that's not happening for a long time. Anyway I bought a little teal "suit" for Mya, and when I was helping her get dressed today I said "Mya look, it's just like Aunt Rinni's juicy suit" and she said "Winni suit?" it was precious so I had to take some pictures before we headed off to school. I think all I have to do now is spell out the word "juicy" on the bottom in rhinestones, or maybe a giant golden crown...what a cute "winni suit!".

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Tag!

I actually am kinda worn out on the "Tagged" thing (thanks anyway Carlye) but I thought this one was kindof fun. What you do is go into the 4th picture folder on your computer, then choose the 4th picture in it and blog it. This picture was taken only a few weeks after Mya and I made our journey to our new home in Fort Worth. This was her first swim, at a BBQ for all the new med students at one of the professors' houses. I actually look at this picture and think about how far we've come from then. How much we've been through on this ridiculously difficult ride of med school. Maybe I only see it this way because things are especially hard right now. But I am grateful that we are in the home stretch. I think about graduation day and I cry, I know I'll be crying when he finally gets his name called. It's funny what pictures make us think of. She was so tiny, I love how they are staring at eachother. He's looking at her and she's looking at him...our first time trying to be good parents, in a place where all we had was eachother, probably our biggest leap of faith......ANYWAY I'm pretty sure this is suppose to be a funny post so I'll tag someone who will lighten the mood. I tag all my Marinda, Andrea, and "Suzanne" your it! P.S. Try not to be a downer like me!

Friday, October 17, 2008

TCU: 32 BYU: WHAT?????

Kimball and I, along with a lot of other families in our ward, got to go to the BYU/TCU football game last night. For those of you who didnt hear about the outcome, please don't bring it up, at least to my husband. He's in a corner somewhere reviewing in his mind everything that went wrong...he'll be busy for awhile. Kimball loves BYU ever since he went to school there, and he's a football freak so he was so excited to go. We even got some new BYU apparel for the occasion. My favorite part was being away from the kids (thanks sandy!)it was the first time we've been out together since Aiden was born! We ate at one of our favorite burger places on campus, Dutch's, and since we had to park so far away we got to hold hands, walk, and talk to eachother. I think I took for granted how nice it is just to have an adult conversation with your spouse every now and then. Anyway we figured the guys would want to sit and be completely focused on the game without the wives chiming in every five minutes "whats a field goal honey?" so the girls sat together and we had a great time cheering and being silly. After we realized BYU didnt show up to play (halfway through 3rd quarter) Kimball could no longer stand to watch, so he insisted we leave. Either way I had so much fun, and hope we can do it again, hopefully we'll pull out a W next time so the huz can be more socially acceptable in public. Love you babe! GO COUGARS!
This is suppose to be our game faces
Mya found Kimball's old BYU hat, he NEEDED a new one for the game, now he wants to return it...bad luck
Together at Dutch's it was packed with people in Purple. We stuck out like two blue thumbs
Yum! Good thing we parked far away so I could walk off a couple of bites!
I like their tight pants!...well I do!

Two BYU alumni wives...we thought we were gonna have to ride home together and let the boys blow off some steam...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Kimball was on call all night at the hospital and hadn't seen the kids since Sunday since they were always in bed by the time he got home. So when he finally got to see Mya we decided to dress for the occasion! Isn't she Glamorous! After all... every girl needs a petticoat!

P.S. The video is sideways...does anyone know how to fix this? Its dark too...I'll try and get a better one!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

TIME Does Softly, Sweetly Glide...and Story TIME

I painted this giant clock above our entertainment center, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I got quite a few compliments from people who came to Aiden's blessing luncheon...I was worried that people would make jokes about how big it is as if we're blind or have problems with telling time. Anyway, I guess ya'll can be the judge. Martha Stewart said it would make it so I would never be late again...we'll see how that goes =)

We also went downtown to story time at the Fort Worth City Library with Kathy, Emma, and Spencer. It really was so fun. I can't believe we've lived here for over two years and we're just now enjoying this. Mya LOVES reading stories so she had a really good time. They have sit down story time then a craft, then Kathy and I let the kids go to the play area where there were puppets for a puppet show, puzzles, blocks, and comfy chairs to sit and read books till your heart's content. We'll definitely be back next week.