Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Chance to be Heard!

I'm just gonna throw this out there:

a) I'm so over med school. I'm so tired of it. Kimball has 18 months left of school. i feel like I do when I'm 38 weeks pregnant...the torture of being so close yet so far away! Tonight we had a conversation that went a little something like this...

H: Don't you wish you had a job and they were handing out fat christmas bonuses?
K: The Dr. I'm rotating with is getting a $30,000.00 bonus
H: What kind of bonus do Med students get?
K: $200, debt

b) This house situation couldn't have come at a worse time. I'm am craving the feeling of a warm, comfortable, inviting home, that puts me in the christmas spirit. Instead I am packing up every trace of our personalities, we are living with the bare essentials.

c) My kids will not stop crying. I know they are feeling the stress of the moving situation...they just want a normal every day life again. We have arrived at the "wooden spoon" stage with Mya...for now its just a threat, but I hate it.

Amidst all this, I am reminded that there are so many people out there who have no money at all with no end in sight EVER. There are people out there who don't have homes to fill up with warm nice things for the holidays, some don't have homes at all. And even still there are families out there who's kids are sick, hurt, or not with them anymore. We are so blessed, even though the Holiday season started off with some pretty unpleasant things, and problems seem to be coming one right after the other, we are still immensely blessed by our loving Father in Heaven who has a plan for us. Thanks to everyone who has helped us during this. We have some of the greatest friends ever! We love you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight! (again)

(thanks marcia!)
Okay...I'll admit it...I actually DID like him as Edward...he was probably my favorite aspect of the movie..I thought I'd never see him as anything else besides Cho Chang's tragically lost love.

I Loved it and I hated it...I'd better go see it again so I can make up my mind!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Who cares if I'll be homeless in a week....I get to see Twilight tonight!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vacating the Premises ...

Well it appears a sign that looks just like this one will soon grace our lawn. The month before we had Aiden we got a letter in the mail addressed to the owners of the home we're renting stating that they were 6 months delinquent on their mortgage payments, we notified the property managers and nothing became of it. It was our fault for not following up, but with the baby coming and Kimball starting rotations it just slipped our minds. Well we received letters from about 15 different law firms on Friday all with statements like "Get out of Foreclosure for Free" in big bold letters. We called the property managers again and long story short..the owners are almost a year behind in mortgage payments and were using the rent we were paying for something else, and are subsequently waiting for the home to foreclose and be sold at auction. Said auction will take place the first Tuesday of next month..which is in 15 days! The property manager continued to say that they no longer represent them (the owners) as clients, they will mail us our deposit in full (no inspection) and basically are jumping this sinking ship that we are now living in. In an attempt to be positive I'm now going to list the pros to this situation
1) I don't have to re-paint, clean, repair, or do any work for my deposit
2) My mom might come out to help us move!
3) There is a house available with 4 bedrooms instead of 3 (craft room!), a fireplace, and about 600 more square feet! Its also in our ward boundaries so we wouldnt have to say goodbye to our ward family!(Just when you thought you were getting rid of us =)
4) We've already had a huge outpouring of help from friends who have offered to watch kids, help us move, and even live with them while we try to find another place!We also have a friend in the mortgage business who has been a tremendous amount of help (thanks Michelle!)
5) We won't have to pay rent in December since there won't be anyone to pay rent to...maybe some new couches to put into a new house! At the very least we get to pocket the money!
6) Finally there was a SpongeBob Squarepants marathon on Nickelodeon today so Mya was entertained while I was on the phone all day with property managers, law firms, etc. She gets to go to school tomorrow and learn new things so I'm not to upset about her watching t.v. all day long!

and since there isn't enough time to list all of the negative things I'll just keep trying to focus on the positive. Please pray for us that this will all work out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is it already time for this??

Lately the last couple of days have led me to ask myself the question, "Is it already time for this?". As a lot of you know TxMommy's daughter D was in town and giving haircuts at $10 dollars a head, so the kids and I headed over. Mya was pretty upset at the idea of sitting still while there were toys in the other room, but I couldnt stop asking myself, "is it already time for her to be getting her first haircut?". It sure didn't feel like it. I couldn't get a very good picture because I had to hold her on my lap, but it sure is cute to see her with her big girl hairdo

Then today it was past time for me to put away the clothes that Aiden has already grown out of..."is it already time for this?" Keep in mind he just turned 3 months old a week ago and the clothes we are getting out are 6-9 months! Luckily we got so many clothes from the shower I have a whole box of bigger clothes to replace the small ones with, but still I can't believe it's already time for this.

Finally, I keep asking myself if it's already time to start thinking about Christmas! Didn't we just get done carving pumpkins? Is it time to start thinking about Gifts, Parties, Travel plans, etc. Some stores are already playing Christmas music! more and more it just feels like I just want to scream "I'm not ready yet!"

Quick Update:
Kimball just got a 99% evaluation from the Urologist he has been rotating with! We are so proud of him. The Doctor said he can tell when certain students are cut out for surgery (no pun intended)! Now we just hope he'll put it in writing for a good letter of recommendation.

We just had our turn for hosting dinner group, we had 13 people in all! It was a lot of work but even more fun!!

Mya is loving school, and the cutest thing happened when I dropped her off today. She walked in the class room and 3 or 4 kids came running up to her saying "Hi Mya!" and they were so excited to see her, it made my heart melt!

Aiden is now laughing! I have found that if I startle him or make a quick movement 1 of 2 things happens he either laughs hysterically, which in turn makes me laugh hysterically,

or he cries until he is coddled and emphatically apologized to. I've come to the decision that its so cute when he laughs that I'm comfortable with taking my chances.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

For Laughs...

My sister and I laughed at this for almost 15 minutes straight...Turn the volume and enjoy a good laugh on me!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Little Family

Hungry for more? Go to, click on "Enter Flash Website", click on "slideshows", click on "Mya and Aiden", type in "Holly" as the password. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daily Thanks

Flipping through one of the many scrapbooking magazines I get each month (a girls gotta get inspiration from somewhere :) I came across a page that I've been very excited to share with everyone. It's titled "Daily Thanks" and is made up of pictures that the creator (Amanda Probst) has taken daily of one thing she was thankful for that day. Then at the end of the month she arranged all 30 pictures on to her 2 12x12 pages. The subjects of each photo can be big or day she took a picture of a children's tylenol bottle, obviously grateful that today we have medicine to give children...a small thing that I know I don't realize wasn't available to mothers years and years ago. I really loved the idea especially for the photo aspect of it. Anyway I thought maybe it was something we could all use in our lives, I know that I already approach each day more mindful of the many things there are to be grateful for.

You can click on the image to enlarge it!