Sunday, March 29, 2009

Utah so far...

Grandma and I (this woman is my hero!)
Granny Cook and little Aders
most of the great grandkids...mya and aiden were both asleep =(
one candle for every ten years! It was either that or go set fire to the lawn..
Missing Rinni =(
Mya papaya!

Little P-Flo she is so dang cute!
My little man cub...laughing at Riley
Mya and Jack watching Bolt!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calling all Domestic Goddesses..

So the weather is getting warmer as we all know and love. Last night I woke up dripping in sweat, because I have not taken the down comforter off of my bed. I have a nice Coverlet that I normally dress my bed with in the summer months but when I washed it before I was putting it away for the winter, I washed it with a pair of pants that Kimball had thrown into the dirty clothes with an entire pack of gum in the pockets. Yes I know mom I should have checked the pockets before I put them in...Anyway it's a nice coverlet so I dont want to give up all hope that it's salvageable...bottomline...does anyone out there know the trick to getting gum off of clothes/bedding? Help!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a difference a little music makes!

Well for those of you who have to hear about my endless woe with my son a.k.a world's crabbiest baby, you may have some reprieve from my belly aching on the horizon! I decided to take both of the children into Mya's room and put some music on Mya's little ipod player and Voila! he laid on the rug while Mya brought him food from "Restaurant de Mya" and was content for quite awhile.

We have also stumbled upon what seems to be another self soothing mechanism for him, in the form of music. I caught a couple of episodes of a series called Classical Baby on HBO before he was even born, it is a lot of well-known classical pieces put to little wordless cartoon segments, kindof like cartoon classical music videos. I ended up buying the entire set just because I loved the music, and I'm now thinking it has saved my sanity, due to the fact Aiden LOVES them! He will sit and watch the different shapes etc. and listen to the beautiful music for an entire hour sometimes more!

Another Music tidbit...I was asked to sing in church on Sunday with Ingrid and Nikko, and I was both excited to do it and hesitant to accept because I have the fear that people are now sick of hearing me at this point ("Holly...again...."). Despite that, I was so glad I did because I had a number of people say that they really felt the spirit through the music, and to me that is worth it. I too felt the spirit, and was reminded that this is a big reason why I have done it throughout my life. I've always had a respect for the power of music and what it can do. What a difference a little music makes!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Alphabet of my Labors...

One of the things that has kept me sane while Kimball goes to school here where the closest family is 3 hours away has been to keep myself busy with projects and learning new things. I always love to see my endeavors turn out in a good way. I have started taking a sewing class that is being offered in our ward, I have already learned a lot of useful skills. I made this ABC Quiet Book, and it took quite a bit of time, but that is a good thing when you have a husband busy studying every available minute. I am proud of how it turned out and I hope my friend will enjoy it and get use out of it!
Anyway thought I would share the fruits of my labors!

I also found a fun way to paint Mya's name on the wall (just in case we forget who's room it is...says Kimball)