Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love in 3D

Wouldn't you agree, baby you and me, gotta groovy kind of love?....

....3D love?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The waiting game.

So now that the residency interviews are over, the following weeks will go a little like this...(for invested parties). We submit a list ranking each program by preference 1-11. The programs rank their interviewees by preference. The Nation does a match system where they take each prospective resident's list and the list of each program, stick it in a giant algorhythm (spelling?) and on March 15th we'll get an email stating whether they've matched us into a program, there are only so many spots, so some people will NOT match. If we have matched, on March 22nd we'll receive notice of what program we'll be headed to. So we are at the mercy of the computer. If we DO NOT match, I'll post the process after that happens. With Kimball's board scores we are confident he'll be able to get into at least one of our top 5 choices. So now for the finalized list...

#1 Roanoke, Virginia
#2 Greenville, South Carolina
#3 Lexington, Kentucky
#4 Little Rock, Arkansas
#5 Wilmington, North Carolina
#6 Dayton, Ohio
#7 Charleston, West Virginia
#8 Morgantown, West Virginia
#9 Kansas City, Missouri
#10 El Paso, Texas
#11 Washington D.C.

so there you have it, and now we wait. So now if you'll keep us in your prayers, We'll keep you posted along the way, Deal? =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Out with the old, and in with the new.

On Saturday morning I asked Kimball to go to the gas station at the top of my parents neighborhood to get some milk so that I could make pancakes...he came back with the milk...and a nearly broken arm to go with it. While backing out of the parking lot the airbag inadvertantly deployed, he didnt hit as much as a bump...needless to say the pancakes weren't great. Every car professional we talked to didn't believe us at first, and swears they've never heard of anything like that happening before. While this has been a major inconvienence, we realize it could have been catastrophic. Imagine driving down the highway with the children in the back going 75mph when it exploded in his face and filled the entire truck with thick smoke....I try not to. At any rate, Ford Motor Company has agreed to pay for it, but fearing more repairs down the road Kimball has decided to say

"Out with the Old, and..

in with the new!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a toss up...

I either have the best husband in the world or the clingiest baby...You choose. Me, I think its a little bit of both.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kentucky weekend.

Over the weekend I finally got to accompany Kimball on one of his residency interviews in Lexington, Kentucky. I wish I could spout about how wonderful the scenery was or tell you all about an awesome horse ranch that we visited, but sadly I can't because I slept in...

We did have fun when I was finally risen from the dead. We saw TWO movies, and ate at some yummy restaurants. The University of Kentucky appealled to Kimball quite a bit, and he said we'd be lucky to end up there. I have to admit I'm intrigued by the idea of wearing giant hats at the much distinguished horse races...and with a last minute interview in North Carolina, the residency interviews are finally over. So now all we have to do is wait. Please remember us in your prayers so that the right people will have their hearts opened....I'll start looking for hats online just to be prepared =o)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

well we've come a long way...

This is strictly for me and my family to look back on and remember, If you read through it, wonderful, if you enjoy reading through it, Bonus!

A look at the last decade...

2000- I was student body officer as a freshman, and decided to take concert choir, which led to auditioning for sophmore choirs, which led to an interest that defined most of my high school career, so generally a good choice. I had 5 nieces and nephews at this point. I admit now I was interested in friends,  boys, myself, and little else.

2001- Continued with choir and theatre. Joined the swim team, did it mostly for the boys. Andrea got married, I was so sad she was officially gone from the house. Swam, ate, slept, and sang, and not much else, oh and kissed a fair share of boys...geez

2002- Got mono- ick, Got attacked by a dog- bigger ick, Mom got a tumor on her parathyroid- biggest ick of all. Went to New York City and sang in Carnegie Hall, something I'll always remember, Snuck out and went to Grand Central Station alone with Carlye...oops. 

2003- Got into Madrigals, sang to more people that Christmas than I could shake a stick at. Played Rapunzel in Into the Woods, one show I ripped the back of my dress open while trying to get up into my tower, had to be on stage about a minute after that. Began a serious relationship.

2004- Big year. Went to California with Mads. Graduated high school, cried at our last madrigal gig. Realized which friendships were gonna last (and they have). Ended the serious relationship, which was difficult. Moved to Provo to go to UVSC. Went to church at the singles ward and met my beloved Kimball. He was the Sunday school teacher. That night I went to his apartment and after introducing myself I told him I thought we should get married. He looked at me funny.

2005- Was endowed in the Salt Lake Temple. Was sealed to Kimball in the Mount Timpanogos temple. Lived the newlywed life for a few months. I got a job with an ENT/oncologist. Kimball began applying to Med school.  Found out I was pregnant with sweet Mya.

2006- Kimball was accepted into Medical School in North Texas. My baby girl joined our family changing it forever. We moved to a small house a month after she was born to downtown Fort Worth as Kimball began school. 

2007- School, School, School, School, School, we moved into the Saginaw ward where we made life long friends. More School. In December we found out I was pregnant with handsome Aiden.

2008- Kimball began clinical rotations, and became a happier man.  School and Pregnancy dominated our lives. Aiden joined our family, we knew he belonged with us, even though his constant crying suggested he might have felt otherwise. In December we moved to a different house, same neighborhood.

2009- Yet again more school. Kimball began applying and subsequently interviewing for Residency positions around the country.  In December we moved back to Utah to await news of where we'd end up....thats a lot of moving wouldnt you agree?

2010- March we'll find out where we'll be headed next, which guessed it...another move. This time it will be at least semi-permanent, into a place we can buy and call our own. Kimball will graduate from Medical School! I'll cry tears of joy for the years gone by, and fear for the years to come. We'll begin a life together, in a new place, and hopefully get pregnant with #3. 

phew! I'm tired just typing it all out. I'm excited by the thought of what I might write in another post like this for the next decade gone by. The main thing is we've grown and learned as a here's to another decade together, our favorite place to be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dont adjust your computer screen

Yes it is true..I have risen from a blogger's death, 3 months later, hopefully with a new found zest and motivation to keep up the blogger's life again. First and foremost those of you who know me, know that my absence was not without good reason. A cross-country move, christmas, and residency interviews were just a few factors that led to my hiatus. Nevertheless, I hope you'll enjoy a slight recap, because I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy looking back on the things that WERE important enough to me to sit down and upload pictures and write down any thoughts or feelings. Unfortunately I dont regularly keep a written journal, and my scrapbooking is slow-going. Either way heres to a resolution to start fresh...a least until the next cross-country move ;o)

Starting with our trip to Arkansas to visit a long lost husband who had been there for 3 weeks. We went to the zoo and had a lovely afternoon together, here are few faves...

Oops ...wrong gorilla!

a morning stretch..I can relate.
The title of this post was going to be "When a surgeon carves a pumpkin" was both grotesque and hilarious.

Mya a.k.a Princess peacock...she was stunning and she took her candy gathering very seriously.

Aiden a.k.a Elmo...less than enthused as you can tell.

Okay here is a big gap called Halloween-Thanksgiving...I made two quilts which I'm hoping to post pictures of soon, back to that whole resolution thing.
This was downtown Fort Worth at the Parade of lights the day after Thanksgiving. *Note on Thanksgiving, it was Divine if I say so myself. I treated the turkey like my unborn child, brined it over night, rubbed it with garlic butter, basted it every 15 minutes, glazed it...loved it unconditionally. More than the delicious food, the day was pleasant and peaceful full of games and family and memories.

Here's another gap call Thanksgiving-Christmas Eve. I made two quilts, and remember the cross-country move I mentioned earlier on.....did I mention I made two quilts???
Each Christmas Eve the grandkids dress up and reinact the story told by Luke..Mya was an angel declaring the wonderous birth...I think she looks more like the holiday cheer Meister. (holiday whooby-whatey????)

Cannon was a wise man, and generally a cute kid to boot.

Gracey was the mother mary... holding my mom's voodoo doll...I mean Baby Jesus.

Ahhh Christmas morning in all its was wonderful. Kimball and I and our family were spoiled by family on both sides. Some of our favorites were tickets to "The Lion King", and a beautiful (and giant) portrait of the Mount Timpanogos temple, from my sister Jennie, it was such a meaningful gift.

Lunch with my sisters, mom and grandma. I'm pretty sure we could run the country.

ask Mya what she thinks about the snow and she won't say "cold" or "white" or "fun"...what she WILL say is "look at the snow...its so PRETTY!!!!!"

For New Year's Eve we decided to make fondue..something, somewhere along the way went wrong...the next thing that was bound to happen was for it to grow legs and walk off the table. New Year's was low key but I enjoyed seeing another year come and go with Kimball and my family...still kickin it together.

I actually wouldnt change the fondue if I had the chance just because I've never laughed so hard with my grandma in my entire life...she tried so hard to find something positive to say about it..

So there you have it..lots of pictures left out but this will work for now, and at least bring me back to life to my fellow bloggers. There ought to be a post on how we are adjusting to Utah life, how the residency interview trail is going, how much we are missing Texas and our family and friends there, etc. etc. etc. Most importantly all the lessons we're learning...but in the words of Scarlet O'Hara "I'll worry about that tomorrow".....its good to be back!