Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Friday, May 15, 2009

I Love My Husband, But....

...the conversation is getting dull. Is this suppose to happen after only four years of marriage? We've had a series of not so good dates of them we even resulted to just going grocery shopping without the kids..yawn. So for our latest date we decided before hand that we weren't going to do anything that didn't require interaction with eachother (i.e. movies) and it went much better. We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (Major Major Yum!) and then we decided to play games over at the school. We played pool, ping pong, etc. The conversation was better, this time..But my point in posting is that Kimball came up with a good idea I wanted to share. He suggested that He and I ought to try out having a form of a book club just between ourselves where we both read a book then discuss.  I thought it was a great idea and we are now reading our first mutual book, my friend Gretchen suggested Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams, author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which Kimball really enjoyed. So far the book is good.. but I'm hoping this little activity will give us some reprieve from discussing the density of butter!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

April in Review (Marley & Me Style)

Went on a double date, sushi and bowling, with our dear friends...found out Joe Cliff wasnt a great bowler..

Built a deck in the backyard...on a rent can tell me how stupid I am later...

Made an awesome pasta dish with Shrimp for Survivor Night

-Watched Survivor...Did a dance when Tyson was voted off!
-Made a chess set with salt and pepper shakers, so I could practice and beat Kimball one day.

-Finished the deck....again you can tell me what a bad idea it was later....

-Did a Spring photo shoot with Joy...more photos to come from that don't you worry =)

-Got a phone call from Karey and Jodie..They're engaged!
-Kimball went to Pennsylvania to take board exams. Thought it went well.
-Bought my first dress pattern to make for the wedding...yikes...hope it turns out!

-Rented Marley & Me (cried), Austrailia (cried), 7 Pounds (cried)
-Went to an Easter egg hunt

-watched Mya eat her weight's worth in candy
- Had easter dinner with family and friends.

-Bought plane tickets for the wedding and Bear Lake! Utah here we come!
-Hosted Book Club.

-found out my dear friend Jen is getting sealed an hour before Karey in the same temple!
-Got a 24 Hour fitness membership with Kathy

- Got a Trainer for an anniversary present
-Bought an 8 week old German Shepherd for Kimball's anniversary present.

-Played chess with Kimball: Holly 0-Kimball 1
-Decided to get rid of the puppy.
-Tried to get Aiden to smile..he decided to smile "Daddy style"
-Got Roses from Kimball (Orange Confetti Roses just like from our wedding..awwww...)
-Decided to keep the puppy.
- Celebrated our 4th Anniversary with "Thats what she said" and "UpDog" shirts. Oh Baby!
-Made invitations for Jodie's shower.
-Played chess with Kimball; Holly 0-Kimball 2
-Decided to get rid of the puppy.
-Got a surprise visit from Larry and Sandy one Sunday afternoon!
-Burnt my finger to a crisp...get on facebook for a more gruesome close up!

-Made Rinni's chocolate chip cookies finally turned out as good as hers!
- Put Mya in time out for locking me out of the house
-Bought these lime heels to go with the dress.

- Got in a fight with Kimball
- Said I'm sorry and made up
- Tickled Aiden and he smiled instead of cried!

-Started working on the actually looks like a dress so far!
-Decided to keep the puppy
-Had a BBQ with a bunch of couples from med school. First Burgers of the season!
-went to the zoo with Bradley and Katy

There were good times and bad times, but in the words of Ray Ramano, we only keep the good ones. Wasn't always easy...but it has always been worth it.