Friday, December 30, 2011


re.solve [re-zolv] verb, noun
1. To come to a definite or earnest decision about
1. a resolution or determination made as to follow some course of action.
2. firmness of purpose or intent; determination

Today I'd like to resolve to
~Gossip less (yes I know it'd be better to resolve to not gossip AT ALL, but I don't want to set myself up for failure....Dont tell me your secrets!!!!!)
~Examine my demands on my family and close friends more carefully
~Be more positive, particularly with my husband
~ Make my demands more thoughtful, and quiet.
~ Read the Sunday school lesson each week.
~Blog once a week
~Eat healthier, excercise more (...groundbreaking I know.)

and we'll see how we do with those few things, and with God's help, and yours Dear Reader, I can make 2012 better than any year before.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What we did.


~We found out.

~We played in the snow

~We wrote love notes.


~We went green.


~ We dyed.


~We had lunch with some friends.


~We dug.

~We swang.


~we slid.

~We swam.

~Then we swam some more

~Then we slid some more.


~We started.

~We waited.


~We welcomed.


~We dressed up.

~We went to the pumpkin patch


~We blessed.

~We gave thanks.


~we celebrated.

~we decorated

~ we opened.

~we stayed in.

...and at the end of it all we'll start again as "We" .....our favorite thing to be.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Worth It.

The pregnancy was long...even though it was almost the exact same amount of time as the other seemed longer. The nausea, the horrific headaches, the heartburn radiating from my knee-caps, the sleepless nights, the exhausting days, chasing two children around in the summer temperatures while I got bigger and bigger...was all worth it. My darling Chloe Jean... you were worth it.

Chloe Jean Knackstedt

September 14, 2011 10:40am

8 lbs. 11 oz. 19.5 inches

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some of the best middles

The middle can be so under appreciated sometimes, dont you think? Today I'm celebrating one of the best "middles" of my life. To do that I've made up a list of some of the best middles...

a grilled cheese sandwich: melty, gooey, cheese...what more could you want?

    a burger: the middle on this particular item is a necessity, not to mention all the beefy goodness

    a cream filled donut: although it can be argued that the cream is superfluous it is my humble opinion that everyone needs a little excess in life sometimes, and this is the perfect example.

    Summer: particularly when you are NOT pregnant, but summer is the middle of the year and claims such things as family reunions, swimming every day, barbeques, etc.

    Speaking of pregnancy the middle is normally the best part, you're not barfy, you're not too big, you're starting to feel the baby move, you find out the gender, the best part by far..the middle.

There's halftimes, and intermissions, recess and seventh inning stretches, but one of the best middles by far is the one that is in our family: Aiden.

Handsome Aiden,

life might define you as "middle child", but you dear boy are one of the best "middles" this world will ever see. So today when you turn three, please know that you are the cheese to my sandwich, the beef to my burger, the cream to my donut, and one of the biggest joys of my life. And remember, "Beginnings are normally scary, endings are usually sad, it's the MIDDLE thats the best part!" Happy Birthday man cub, we love you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I hesitate to post this only because its evidence to how behind I am in posting, there are quite a few things, important things, that happened between that I'd like to post so maybe we'll play "ketchup" for a little while. Anyway back in March there was an opening in the play schedule and since I had not taken a turn to coordinate play group since we moved into the ward I asked my one of my favorite cohorts Katie H. to help me throw a "Green Day Extravaganza" in celebration of March. She was on board so we planned and had a great turn out! Among the Green Day festivities were a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" by the good Dr., a Green show and tell, a green snack consisting of green apples, green grapes, and frost-your own green shamrock sugar cookies! Mom's munched on Green lettuce wraps and enjoyed the company. It was a "Green-tastic" Day!

Aiden was more into just eating the frosting than participating.

Either Matthew or Isaac brought his green motorcycle, and did not care to be photographed in order for me to tell (this is what you get for waiting so long to document) ;)

Micah wore his green superhero cape, which his talented mother expertly made!

Audrey brought cilantro, and her awesome mom brought a yummy recipe to share.

All in all a success and a good way for me to get to know the mom's a little better! I can't wait to do another color day, I'm thinking a visit to the fire station for red day, or a pumpkin carving party for orange day...OH THE COLORFUL POSSIBILITIES!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today you are 4....

Today you are 4 days old, and I'm still getting used to the idea of being your mom, I'm trying to wrap my mind around such a big responsibility. You are the tiniest thing I've ever seen. You sleep a lot...except at night. You are one of the best things I have ever done.

Today you are 4 months old, we spend most of our time together while dad is at school.Leisurely doing whatever it is we want, just you and I. You are the chubbiest thing I've ever seen. I'm learning new things about you, like what makes you laugh and what makes you cry, more often than not we laugh and cry at the same time.

Today you are 1 year old, where oh where did the time go? Your personality is shining through, you are a wonderful mixture of your mom's dramatic side and your dad's mellow side. You are not only doing funny things, but beginning to say even funnier things.

Today we brought your brother home, and now its no longer just you and me all day. You are a natural at being a big sister. You seemed to age overnight when he arrived. Now our roles as a family seem to be more clear. Not one more important than the other, but parts of a whole.Your role, for now, will always be daughter, sister, and First born. You do the job fantastically.
Today you are still four....but tomorrow you'll be five. My heart breaks because we keep moving closer to a time when we may not see eachother every day. My heart sings because I think about all the wonderful things that are still in store for you. So for your birthday, my precious girl, my wish to you is that you'll always be as kind, loving, inquisitive, brave, patient, and sweet when you turn 5, as you are today while you're still 4.