Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend with the girls!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have my mom, sister, and her daughter Riley come to visit. The day they were supposed to get here I got a wonderful surprise when I saw my grandma (mom's mom) had come too!! I was so excited. It was so much fun. We swam in the backyard almost every day, went shopping, played games, did a little sewing (didnt quite turn out, but still fun, the quote of the week in the upper lefthand corner of my blog pretty much sums it up), made mobiles for the babies, and ate tons of yummy food (my grandma was always asking if she could make a dessert to go along with dinner!).It was weird to think that the next time I see my sister she and I will both have new babies! It was sad and very quiet at the house when they left (Mya kept saying "RILEY!!, RILEY!!), but I'm just glad that they were able to all come and visit.


Colby and Meredith said...

How nice for you to have your family come visit! Cute pics!

Becky Davis said...

I promise I did not say such a silly thing! (I know the difference between a half-a-foot and 6 inches!!) J/K
Holly forgot to tell that we were not allowed to watch TV, catch a midday wink or any other form of relaxation! No wonder my brain got a little frazzeled. All fun aside we had a great time and Holly and Kimball were gracious hosts and I can't wait till the baby comes and I can go back again. Love you all. MOM

Carlye said...

Hamburger Grandma Woohoo!
PS. Bushwaaa!

MyR said...

SO FUN!!! I love family visits! I wish mine could come here :(

I laughed out loud at the sewing picture because I can imagine Dree's smart-a-ness and your mom's positive-ness about the whole thing. Am I right? ha ha! I love your family!

Carlye said...

You have big utensils on your wall like Everybody Loves Raymond!