Thursday, July 17, 2008

What We've Been Up To...

Well since I couldn't allow myself to blog until some of my more pressing needs were taken care of (organizing the baby clothes, cleaning my house for the shower, doing my job as Activities Director, etc.) I'm finally at a place where I can take a minute to record some of the things we've been up to. Feel free to read/leave a comment on any or all or just enjoy what will probably end up becoming the world's longest blog post..I wonder if such a thing really exists......

Friday, July 4th

Our fourth of July holiday started off really early, Karey (Kimball's younger brother) had flown in from Utah the night before, and he helped set up tables and chairs early that morning for the annual ward breakfast that I was in charge of. It turned out great with almost 250 people! We had a bounce house for the kids, along with games and a bike parade. The breakfast was yummy and even better we had enough of it to feed such a crowd. It was fun but I'm glad its over!

Then after we got home we hurried and packed our things and it was off to Tyler. We got there and hung around for a bit, gramps took Mya for a ride on the lawnmower then that night we went out to eat and went to Lake Tyler and saw tons of awesome fire works.

Saturday, July 5th

The next day was the much anticipated Knackstedt family reunion. Larry, Kris, Kimball, and Karey worked hard all morning helping Grandma and Grandpa Knackstedt move into there new place, while Sandy and Mya and I went to the farmer's market and Sam's Club to pick up some things for the family reunion.

Then it was on to the Bell Family farm (a friend of Sandy's was gracious enough to let us use there farm as our meeting place.) where there were three play structures, a shed made into a play house with dolls and food and beds and kitchen, sandbox, tree swings, swimming pool, a pond with hungry fish to feed, and a tractor train that Bro. Bell drove the kids around in...Mya didnt know where to begin! (Sorry about all the pics, I actually was choosy about which ones to put up)

All in all it was a success, the kids had a blast and most importantly we were all together as brothers and sisters to be with grandma and grandpa (even though they had to leave a little earlier cause the heat was getting to them). Sandy was so excited to see all of her kids and grandkids together having fun.

Wednesday, July 9th

With the busy weekend behind us we waited until a couple of days after Mya's real birthday (July 7th) and had a little get together with friends on the Wednesday after. The theme of the party ended up being "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to", cause she seemed to be upset the entire time. We had a lot of fun though and some good food, all you can eat hot dogs, chips, birthday cake, and homemade icecream. She also got way more presents than she deserved for being so crabby the whole time. Oh well I guess this is what being two years old is all about.

The birthday Haul, all this plus the cozy coupe car we got for the back yard! What a lucky little girl!

Saturday, July 12th

Three days later was my baby shower thrown by four of my very good friends, it was such a fun party and I was very touched by all my friends who came to show their support for the baby and I. The food was yummy, the cake was adorable, and the games were hilarious. We played guess the baby food which I passed on... you would too if you were 36 weeks pregnant and took a whiff of pineapple glazed ham baby food. We also played guess whats in the poopy diaper (melted candy bars which you had to identify) Just the sight of it had me rolling and I loved to hear people say "You can't taste the diapers!". Above all the company was the highlight of the afternoon, even Kimball's mom and sister made the 2.5 hr trip to come which made me feel very loved. I've just now gotten done sorting through and washing all of the clothes and gifts and am overwhelmed by how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.

I made these boxes as a thank you gift for my friends that helped with making the shower happen, I loved how they turned out. I have a thing for stuff that's really colorful. For the shower I had them all stacked up on eachother it looked like a fancy four-tiered cake.

The shower haul! It feels good to have everything taken care of, I don't think I'll have to buy diapers for quite awhile...what a relief!

Well what a busy couple of weeks it has been, I much prefer it this way as it makes the time go by faster while I otherwise sit and wait for something to happen. During all of this I also took some pictures I hope to post hopefully sooner than later... Mya's first trip to the movie theatre, swimming with friends, a mommy daughter date we had, and lots more. I did want to make sure to include one last announcement however that I felt couldnt wait. Warning: Only those of you who don't find me bragging about my husband annoying or rude should continue...if you've made it this far in this forever long post to begin with. As most of you know, Kimball took his board exams almost four weeks ago, and finally got his score back from the USMLE (test used for the M.D. residency applicants). All I will say is Kimball had to log out and back in two more times after he saw his score to make sure that it was for the right person. Needless to say he got an outstanding score, and we are very very proud of him. This means he will now be a competitive candidate for anything he chooses to go into, even when applying for M.D. residencies which opens more opportunities of where we can think about settling down. A few of the areas he did best in were Gastro/Intestinal, Reproductive & Endocrine, and Renal/Urinary. All surgical specialties he has thought about going into. Again I apologize for those of you who find this annoying, its just was a huge blessing to see his hard work pay off in such an unexpected way. Way to go honey you did it!


mbrooks said...

Wow it has been a busy few weeks for ya.
Little Mya, sorry we missed your birthday, looks like it was a good one.
Kimball- congrats
Holly's friends- thanks for throwing her such a nice shower.
and Holly, have you not had that baby yet? Man that last month of pregnancy is just torture....but it's almost over!!!!
We"ll be anxiously waiting to hear.

Colby and Meredith said...

That was quite the post! I enjoyed all the pictures- there were two in particular. The one of Mya and Kimball in the swimming pool- Mya looks hilarious in the life vest. And the other pic. was the one of Mya's upset/crying face. Ha Ha! You have got to love little kids. Congrats to Kimball on the great test score!

txmommy said...

yeah Kimball!

Fun catch up:) can't wait to see your new little one!

I have a good life said...

How very busy! :) I was soooooooo sad to miss the shower, but C's party was already scheduled at the EXACT same time. Bummer.

Congrats to Kimball! It is so awesome to get those Board scores back. What a relief! :)


Looks like you have all been pretty busy! I hope you will be able to find time to totally relax before your little one comes. You deserve it. :o) Congrats to Kimball! That's awesome!

marcia said...

Congratulations to Kimball and all of you!!!!! That is so wonderful and what a fun post your shower was so fun I was ticked you liked our gift to you and I am so sorry about the carpet:(

Suzanne said...

That's a terrible picture of me! you can see straight up my nose. I request its removal!! :) btw, send your mailing addy. I have your gift here for baby boy and I had a gift for Mya's birthday.