Sunday, August 3, 2008


* A - Attached or single: Attached, married 3 years, but it only feels like 3 minutes...under water
* B - Best Friend: My husband, my sisters, my mom, carlye (all know me better than I know myself)
* Cake of Pie: Depends... is it my birthday?
* D - Day: I actually have started to really look forward to Sunday lately, Kimball is normally home and we aren't busy on sundays
* E - Essential Items: I would agree with the hair ties, my cell phone
* F - Favorite Color: Big fan of green
* G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms, it just seems like you get more
* H - Hometown: WJ.
* I - Indulgences: ice cream (blue bell)
* J - January or July: I trying to build a snowman or a sand castle?
* K - Kids: Mya the menace, and one coming on TUESDAY! Hooray!
* L - Life is incomplete without: Dessert
* M - Marriage Date: April 28, 2005
* N - Number of Siblings: 3 beautiful sisters, between the 4 of us we know everything.
* O - Oranges or Apples: Apples...only crisp fuji apples
* P - Phobia or Fears: Birds, someone breaking in to my house
* Q - Quote: "Be wise and happy, don't be stupid and miserable" -Gordon B. Hinckley
* R - Reason to Smile: I won't be pregnant in less than 48 hours!
* S - Season: Fall, Fall, Fall, lovely, lovely Fall
* T - Tag three: I shall just tag everyone.
* U - Unknown fact about me: I can snap my toes just about as loud as I can snap my fingers.
* V - Vegetarian or Not: Absolutely not, I love a good steak
* W - Worst habit: I asked my husband and without hesitation he said "nagging"
* X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: I guess ultrasounds, only because most x-rays mean something bad, whereas ultrasounds can be for something happy like a baby!
* Y - Your favorite food: This is awful but anything fried...fried ice cream, fried bread, funnel cakes, stick it in a deep fryer and I'm all for it
* Z - Zodiac sign: Sagitarrius

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Kathy said...

You can snap your toes, that is weird!

Rachel said...

How fun... I really enjoyed reading this about you. I think that I may have to do it too. Good Luck with baby tomorrow!!I can't wait to see him.

Colby and Meredith said...

I guess today is D-Day- I hope everything goes well! And I most definitely will need to see this toe snapping thing sometime. Awesome!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Aiden...unless you change his name like Jessi Maya.

Phil said...

Toe snapping??? When did that start? I am your father and did not know that about you! Thats almost as weird as having 4 toes!

Phil said...

Snapping toes???? When did that start? I am your father and did not know that about you!! Thats almost as weird as having 4 toes.........