Friday, January 9, 2009

How we Roll

Some exciting milestones have been reached here at our house. We've started
giving Aiden rice cereal. It was as if he'd been waiting since the day he was born to take his first bite. He's eating like a champ!

more exciting than that is he is now rolling over! Geez I can't believe he is almost 1/2 a year old. The only problem now is when he plays on the floor he promptly rolls over and then promptly starts crying cause he cant get back over!

Even MORE exciting than that is Mya is using the Potty!!! We are very proud of her. Her teacher says she likes to go when she sees all the other kids using the potty, so we're still working on getting her to go regularly here at home. Looks like we may not spend away all the kids' college money on diapers after all!


Megan said...

I love the video. He's getting so big.

Jennifer said...

Big milestones indeed. Hurrah for the use of the potty.

Carlye said...

Good work miss.

Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

I had a dream you were pregnant with your third child while Aiden is still a baby! :-Z

Holly said...

thats not a dream thats a nightmare