Monday, February 2, 2009

Got Meds?

If you don't want to be infected with the viral incubus that is pervading our house then you'd better stay far far away..
The Knackstedt home will be quarantined until further notice.


Landon and Ashley Thompson said...

Sounds dangerous!

Megan said...

That sucks. We're just getting over it and I couldn't imagine doing that with two kids. Stay tough!

Colleen said...

Girl I feel yo' pain! We were really sad we couldn't come over the other day. Ben has seriously mentioned how disappointed he was several times. He wants to reschedule to do something with you guys soon. But after the 6 week diarrhea and butt rash fiasco, then the nasty cold and cough that he STILL has and then the vomiting bug all my kids have been passing around, I just was not going to risk it! lol Sorry! We missed ya tho (and the Famous Holly party food). Ours paled in comparison.