Monday, June 15, 2009

By this time next year

Kimball's unofficial last day (still has to take the shelf exam) as a 3rd year medical student was today! As I look back on the last three years and how much we've both grown together, and as a family, I start to wonder what our life will be like by this time next year...
* Kimball will be a Doctor! actual licensed physician (both scary and exciting)
* We'll have taken a nice vacation to celebrate such an accomplishment (without the kids...who wants to watch them?)
* Kimball will be accepted into residency (hopefully surgical...hopefully vascular)
* We'll have bought a new home, perhaps in the process of building one
* We'll be pregnant with the third and final child!
* We'll be saying goodbye to friends we'll NEVER forget. EVER!
* Mya will be 4 and starting preschool the upcoming school year!
* Aiden will almost be 2 and hopefully out of the crying phase!
* We'll back at the bottom of the medical food chain
* We'll have learned how to cope for even LONGER stretches away from eachother.
* We'll have grown even stronger

Now we've been told that if we live too much for tomorrow we'll eventually have a lot of empty yesterdays, and these things aren't by any means set in stone, nor are we entitled to any of them, for Heavenly Father has a plan for us and it doesnt always go as WE planned. But just for now, as we are about to embark on one more year of this grueling adventure called med school, I like to hope for the best, while preparing for all the difficulties that are sure to come with it. It gets me excited and makes me feel ENORMOUSLY blessed for the doors that have been opened to make going through school even possible. I'm so grateful for a hard working husband, who gives me all the confidence that he'll see us through this year, next year, and all the years ahead. 4th and final...lets get it done!


Steve said...

So exciting! Get er DONE!!

You made me cry thinking that yall wont he here this time next year. Tear, Tear!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

well written and sad for us :(

Robin said...

Life goes forward. and its exciting