Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So I don't forget...

Mya and Aiden, in case I forget some of the things you said and did when you were innocent and little when you come asking, here are a few of the many things that made me laugh...

* Mya recently went to her first musical that her cousin Abby was in, Willy Wonka. She really seemed to enjoy it. When the little boy who was playing Willy said the line "Who wants a piece of chocolate?" The audience continued listening, but Mya shouted "Me!!!!"

*Yesterday I had a small braid in my hair and pulled back in a pony tail (my favorite thing to do with my hair when I really DON'T want to do my hair) . While lifting her in the car she said "Mom! your hair is soooo beautiful today!" least one person thought so that day.

* It seems Mya already has her own little beauty regimen. Every time she gets out of the tub and gets dressed, she quickly proceeds to go get her lotion bottle and lotion from head to toe. She normally does this while sitting on our bed while watching t.v. It's so funny to watch her do things that not only adults do, but exactly the way they do it.

*While walking out to the car Mya kept whining for me to carry her out to the car. Since I had my hands full with bags and her brother, I told her "No, I can't you're a big girl and can walk by yourself". After we'd been driving for awhile she finally said "Mom, I don't love you, and I don't want to be friends"...I guess everyone feels that way sometimes.

*The other day Mya picked up a leaf on the ground and said something that sounded like "Peter Pan". I thought well maybe since it's green or something. Later while watching Wall-E together, at the end the captain plants the plant in the ground and says "we're going to grow all kinds of plants...vegetable plants, and PIZZA PLANTS" . Mya lifted up her leaf and said "PIZZA PLANT!"...I get the feeling if I watched more of her movies with her I might understand some more of her "Myanese".

*The other day I put a bunch of grapes in the buggy while grocery shopping, and Mya said "Mom...that's a lot of carrots" would seem no matter how many times I tell her they are 'grapes', grapes will always be carrots, and carrots will always be grapes. I just can't convince her otherwise.

Meanwhile, it seems the only thing Aiden is willing to say is "MINE!"....I'm just waiting for "GO AWAY!" to come next, just like his sister did. He does say "I love you" after he gives me a kiss, but this is a rare and special thing, he only has a certain number of kisses to hand out and most of them are reserved for his Dad....I'll take what I can get though.

...and in case I forget to tell you everyday "I LOVE YOU" , please remember always I do...all the way to the moon, AND BACK!

P.S. Like the Pics? My BFF Carlye is awesome!

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Kathy said...

what a fun post, I was just thinking the other day that I need to write some of these funny things down more often. Well we miss you and can't wait for what is ahead for you. Life here is all normal and boring, don't worry you are not missing much. Love YA!