Friday, November 19, 2010

Shutterfly Cards!

When my fabulous friend Carlye told me about a promotion that Shutterfly was doing where you get 50 free christmas cards, just by blogging about it, I couldn't think of anything more simple, mostly because I love shutterfly to begin with! The web-site is uber user friendly and there are so many cute products to choose from. Last christmas I made both of sets of grandparents calendars, which you can learn about here that featured all of their grandchildren and they all loved them. I've also used Shutterfly in the past for christmas cards and have loved them too. So I'm more than happy to sing this company's praises especially when it means another chance to use their awesome product again! The only hard part will be trying to pick out just one design that I like...oh and licking all those envelopes! Happy Holidays!...oh and P.S. I need your address!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bucket List

Last night I was laying around thinking that I ought to take a minute to write down my "bucket list". It isn't because I'm feeling like my time is any more limited, or because I'm "wishing for greener pastures", I'm just a firm believer that the first step to seeing dreams and goals realized is to write them down. So here it is.
Before I die (or get too old) I want to:
-visit a crayon factory.
-ride in a hot air balloon
- Attend all major sporting events: Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals, World Cup, Olympic games (check), U.S. Open, Kentucky Derby, etc.
- When and if I get to attend the Kentucky Derby, I want to wear a gigantic hat.
- Eat at each of the Iron Chef's restaurants
-Be in the audience for an episode of Iron chef America (this, I hear, is not possible since only friends and family of the chef's are allowed in the audience, but nothing is EVER impossible, right?)
-Get a nursing degree
-Go to Greece
-Read the Old Testament
-Be completely debt free
-Take my parents on a trip
-Take Kimball's parents on a trip
-Own a scrapbook retreat business (with my dear friend Kathy!)
-Go on a mission with Kimball
-Raise successful well-rounded, kind, loving, humble, smart children

Some may happen, some may not, I hate to think it, but maybe none of them will happen, but even so its good to know I'll always have support from those that love me!