Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Potty for Mya

A couple of days ago we bought Mya her first potty in hopes that a miracle would happen and she would learn how to use it before the baby gets here. That way I won't have to blow any chance of my children going to college on diapers. Well the picture does most of the talking, when it comes to explaining what she decided to do with her new commode. She's definitely her father's child.


Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Too cute!! Her Dad used to read the World Book Encyclopedia when he was a kid and I guess still does when he's here. Guess that's where he gets his "smarts".


Good luck with that. Potty training can be brutal! Isaac started showing an interest in the potty while we potty trained Eli. Now the interest is gone. Every now and then he still says he went potty in his diaper. I'm still burned out from potty training the first two and since we don't plan on having any kids any time soon it's not a priority for me either.

I can understand your sitution, though. We had two kids in diapers on more than one occasion. But never three! I'd die first before I had to change three kids each day. Let's just hope I never have triplets.