Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Two Rockers by Charlotte A. Lanham

My sister has two rockers.
She lives in Tennesee
And when I go to visit her
We rock and sip on tea.

The color of her rockers?
A dusty shade of blue.
They're on the porch, beside the door
Where all the folks walk through.

At times we both drink Passionfruit.
At times we sip Earl Grey,
As on the porch we rock and watch
The seasons pass away.

We've talked about our children
We've laughed and cried together
We've sat with sun upon our laps
We've rocked in rainy weather.

Dear Lord, please save FOUR rockers
On the porch called "Glorious Day."
Make hers Eternal Passionfruit.
Make mine the King's Earl Grey.


Dree said...

classic picture!! Jennie and Marinda look evil, and mom looks totally thrilled with her 3 foot brown football helmet. I see the parm cheese on the counter...must've had homeade pizza for dinner...the perpetual birthday dinner for everybody!!

mbrooks said...

Everyone who reads holly's blog please know that we are a much nicer looking family than that, with a much better sense of decorating. (the orange door, and flower wallpaper!)
I thought I burned all the old photos.

I have a good life said...
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Holly!! I am so glad you found my blog! I tried to email you months ago and got your husband's emial instead so he gave me your email but I must have got it wrong and then it was lost...anyway, blah blah blah. Sorry!

How are you doing?? Congrats on being pregnant! That is so exciting! And you're having a boy? How awesome! I hardly recognized Mya! She has grown soooo much! What a cutie! I'm so excited that we'll be able to keep in touch now. Take care of yourself! :o)


Oh, and if you ever want to email me and just chat my email address is:


If you're like me you find that you hardly have time to even blog so email? Yeah right! :o)

Brynn said...

Ya you guys are bloggers now. I love blogging. It's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. I'll stop by often and keep track of you now. You guys look great. That is a picture of my memory. I remember all of you just like that. I love it!!! Good luck with your pregnancy.

ps. Mirinda, that is too what you look like@!!! :)