Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Spent In the Pond

Well I hope everyone's Christmas went well, before I explain the title I wanted to post some pictures of how ours went...Don't worry I'll keep the one's of me barfing all night long to myself. Got the Stomach bug Christmas Eve...it sucked...anyway..

Mya's First Barbie from her cousin...isnt she lovely..she looks like "Meteora" from The Christmas Toy...which I found at Target!
Play Food for her new Play Kitchen!
SpongeBob Squarepants...has already turned into a bedtime necessity.
Look what Santa brought!
The List of instructions for putting the Kitchen together..Santa owes Kimball big time

Sweet Aiden's first Christmas

The Wreckage after the Christmas Tornado came through...

Now before I forget..the title explanation..Before we left to return home, Chanda invited us to her house to try out this awesome tree swing that Earnie rigged up over the pond in the front of there house. Let me 'splain. Chanda has a cute little dome tucked away in the woods in front of which is a huge man made pond. In the summer the kids can swim, canoe, and as of recently, swing over it from a giant tree swing that you jump off a 15 foot high platform and swing out over the pond. Can you dig it? Well I love stuff like this so I'm all for it, the only thing making me nervous is getting off the swing once my momentum has stopped, so I say "Someone needs to catch me so I can get off"...here comes Karey, my brother (actually my BIL but since I dont have any brothers and we're the same age and fairly close..anyhoo..) to catch me, and by catch me I mean slide down the bank and stop himself from falling into the pond and leaving me to hang out in the middle with nothing to do but let go and swim back. So figuring I was already drenched I went ahead and got out, climbed back up into the tree and went back out on the swing and just jumped off into the middle of the pond...Oh well Life's short and it was Christmas after all, I thought I'd give everyone a laugh at my expense this year! Merry Christmas! If I get any pic or videos I'll be sure to post them!


txmommy said...

looks like a great Christmas, ours didn't include so many weapons, but we are not native Texans.

Hey, we need to do dinner groups ...it's next week.

Jennifer said...

The pond anecdote is grand.

Natalie said...

Love the story. Your kids are adorable. Wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year.
Love n' hugs.