Monday, May 4, 2009

April in Review (Marley & Me Style)

Went on a double date, sushi and bowling, with our dear friends...found out Joe Cliff wasnt a great bowler..

Built a deck in the backyard...on a rent can tell me how stupid I am later...

Made an awesome pasta dish with Shrimp for Survivor Night

-Watched Survivor...Did a dance when Tyson was voted off!
-Made a chess set with salt and pepper shakers, so I could practice and beat Kimball one day.

-Finished the deck....again you can tell me what a bad idea it was later....

-Did a Spring photo shoot with Joy...more photos to come from that don't you worry =)

-Got a phone call from Karey and Jodie..They're engaged!
-Kimball went to Pennsylvania to take board exams. Thought it went well.
-Bought my first dress pattern to make for the wedding...yikes...hope it turns out!

-Rented Marley & Me (cried), Austrailia (cried), 7 Pounds (cried)
-Went to an Easter egg hunt

-watched Mya eat her weight's worth in candy
- Had easter dinner with family and friends.

-Bought plane tickets for the wedding and Bear Lake! Utah here we come!
-Hosted Book Club.

-found out my dear friend Jen is getting sealed an hour before Karey in the same temple!
-Got a 24 Hour fitness membership with Kathy

- Got a Trainer for an anniversary present
-Bought an 8 week old German Shepherd for Kimball's anniversary present.

-Played chess with Kimball: Holly 0-Kimball 1
-Decided to get rid of the puppy.
-Tried to get Aiden to smile..he decided to smile "Daddy style"
-Got Roses from Kimball (Orange Confetti Roses just like from our wedding..awwww...)
-Decided to keep the puppy.
- Celebrated our 4th Anniversary with "Thats what she said" and "UpDog" shirts. Oh Baby!
-Made invitations for Jodie's shower.
-Played chess with Kimball; Holly 0-Kimball 2
-Decided to get rid of the puppy.
-Got a surprise visit from Larry and Sandy one Sunday afternoon!
-Burnt my finger to a crisp...get on facebook for a more gruesome close up!

-Made Rinni's chocolate chip cookies finally turned out as good as hers!
- Put Mya in time out for locking me out of the house
-Bought these lime heels to go with the dress.

- Got in a fight with Kimball
- Said I'm sorry and made up
- Tickled Aiden and he smiled instead of cried!

-Started working on the actually looks like a dress so far!
-Decided to keep the puppy
-Had a BBQ with a bunch of couples from med school. First Burgers of the season!
-went to the zoo with Bradley and Katy

There were good times and bad times, but in the words of Ray Ramano, we only keep the good ones. Wasn't always easy...but it has always been worth it.


txmommy said...

LOVE the shoes!
why oh why did you get a puppy????
the deck is awesome and I love your chess set you are seriouly sooo cute:)

will you help me make cute shower invitations for Dani...I'm a lame-o with tired ideas

Glad to see you blogging again:)

txmommy said...

I did dance. Tyson drove me crazy!

do you also watch AR and did you see the sad pee pee elimination?

Holly said...

Dont watch AR...I did one season...but gave up on it. I couldnt believe that a return missionary (Tyson) would say "I think she is of absolutely no worth" and be serious like he was. Yuck! I would LOVE to help with the invites. Lets get together!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

LOVE the shoes too
and why oh why did you get a puppy too????
the deck is awesome and I love the chess set

Kathy said...

Love those shoes, I wish I could wear heels but those shoes would make me 6 feet tall. Love your post. Your lucky you husband does not change your blog up after you worked so hard to fix it how you wanted it.

Jen said...

I'm so glad fate smiled on us and you'll be coming! Woot!

Becky Davis said...

Cute, Hol. Love the pictures. Kept hoping to see at the end of the blog: Decided to get rid of the dog. I'm glad you'll be here for some time in the summer. Love ya.

nikko said...

That chess set is too cute. I can't believe you put a deck up. Crazy... LOL. But I bet you'll love it and use it a lot.

Can't wait to see you in those heels. I would fall over on my rear...

Sara Lee said...

What day is yall's Anniversary. Ours was five years April 30th.
What day is Karey getting married.

Holly said...

It was 4 years on April 28th! Karey is getting married on June 20th.

Dibble's said...

Your post made my day! That was seriously hilarious. Puppy is way cute...but I remember the puppy stages with my dog...they're hard to handle!

Tyler and Michelle Stocking said...

I love the chess set. Such a great idea. And the dog is adorable. But not as great as those lime pumps. I love them!

The Boman Family said...

That post was too cute. I love the chess set and the deck (even though it may have been dumb it still looks AWESOME!) and the puppy is cute... though I could never handle a puppy. 3.25 kids is enough for me right now, lol. :o)

Dree said...

cute cute post.....haven't talked to you in forever, stranger!!! 1) Happy Belated Anniversary 2) The dog????...are you nuts?? 3) When are you coming to Utah?? 4) How is the HcG diet going...cheater 5) I miss you like crazy, and most importantly, 6) How are the green shoes gonna look with the hammer toe??? lolol. I love you sister! oh, and 7) Happy Mothers Day to one of the best, most creative mom's I know...hope you got my text! love you!!! See ya soon!

The Tall and Short of it said...

That's a great little catch up post! saw some cute pics on Joy's blog. So cute!
I miss you, it's been a while!

I have a good life said...

What a fun post. You are so creative and fun and it shows in everything you do! :) Love the deck. Crazy, maybe, but so fun for now! :)

Jay said...

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