Thursday, January 28, 2010

The waiting game.

So now that the residency interviews are over, the following weeks will go a little like this...(for invested parties). We submit a list ranking each program by preference 1-11. The programs rank their interviewees by preference. The Nation does a match system where they take each prospective resident's list and the list of each program, stick it in a giant algorhythm (spelling?) and on March 15th we'll get an email stating whether they've matched us into a program, there are only so many spots, so some people will NOT match. If we have matched, on March 22nd we'll receive notice of what program we'll be headed to. So we are at the mercy of the computer. If we DO NOT match, I'll post the process after that happens. With Kimball's board scores we are confident he'll be able to get into at least one of our top 5 choices. So now for the finalized list...

#1 Roanoke, Virginia
#2 Greenville, South Carolina
#3 Lexington, Kentucky
#4 Little Rock, Arkansas
#5 Wilmington, North Carolina
#6 Dayton, Ohio
#7 Charleston, West Virginia
#8 Morgantown, West Virginia
#9 Kansas City, Missouri
#10 El Paso, Texas
#11 Washington D.C.

so there you have it, and now we wait. So now if you'll keep us in your prayers, We'll keep you posted along the way, Deal? =)


Jen said...

Something tells me you're going to South Carolina...not sure why. Good luck guys!

Colleen said...

I know it is in your top 5, but I will pray that you DON'T go to LR, AR. I lived there for two years. Scary! I hated it! I transferred schools just so I didn't have to do a teaching internship in that area. If you do end up matching there, you definitely want to live in North Little Rock or one of the little towns surrounding, like Maumelle.(NLR is its own city, not part of Little Rock.)

I'm excited for you that you have made it to this point! What a stressful year this has seemed like for you. I'm not looking forward to it next year. Especially to be on my own so much. I have full enrollment next year, so if Ben does a few rotations in OK, we can't even go with him. He'll just go live with his parents for the rotation, and we'll visit him once or twice, I guess. That will just be so hard, I don't even know how we will get through it. I don't know how you did!!

kknackst said...

throw U of Nevada las vegas prelim (my backup plan on at #120