Monday, January 25, 2010

Out with the old, and in with the new.

On Saturday morning I asked Kimball to go to the gas station at the top of my parents neighborhood to get some milk so that I could make pancakes...he came back with the milk...and a nearly broken arm to go with it. While backing out of the parking lot the airbag inadvertantly deployed, he didnt hit as much as a bump...needless to say the pancakes weren't great. Every car professional we talked to didn't believe us at first, and swears they've never heard of anything like that happening before. While this has been a major inconvienence, we realize it could have been catastrophic. Imagine driving down the highway with the children in the back going 75mph when it exploded in his face and filled the entire truck with thick smoke....I try not to. At any rate, Ford Motor Company has agreed to pay for it, but fearing more repairs down the road Kimball has decided to say

"Out with the Old, and..

in with the new!"


Kathy said...

Yikes that is really scary to think of what could have happened. I am so glad he & everyone else is ok. Nice truck!

Humphrey Family said...

So glad that he is doing well. I felt like a pretty crappy friend when the first thing I asked was "Was it the Kia or the Truck" when all that matters is that you guys are alright! Love the new truck by the way...I'm sure your hubby wasn't that put out when he "had" to go truck shopping :)

I have a good life said...

That was super scary. I have heard of that happening before. It isn't such a strange story. Love the new truck. Miss you guys....and I love the "toss up" picture. That is a classic. :)