Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mario Kart Love Song

I dedicate this to my husband, who has been said to enjoy a video game or two in his younger years....well older ones too. I love you Babe, I'll ride in your Kart any day.
p.s. I'm stoked he decided to feature the Dirt Devil in the background


Colette said...

I'm no longer going to visit your blog. I can't handle that Med school countdown calendar with only 30-ish days left staring me in the face (and I'm pretty sure it's laughing at me) everytime I open your page. It's too much.

Colette said...

oooookaaaay, you know I'm still gonna check in on ya, but that doesn't mean I won't close my eyes 'till I get past that stinkin' ticker...mmmkay? :) when do you come back out here for graduation and such?

nikko said...

That's pretty funny. David and I had a good laugh. Good thing that vacuum is in the background, huh. :o)