Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ultimate Luxury

I have to thank my friend Nikko this morning for writing a post that inspired me to write this one. Lately, I have been feeling like a less-than-adequate mother (to put it nicely). I began to root around in my mom's medicine cupboard looking to see if there was any of my anxiety medication from high school leftover (to put it not so nicely). It feels like the minute I wake up I look forward to their nap time and the minute they wake up from nap I'm looking forward to bed time. While I understand that this is probably normal, for parents with kids that are nearing their "terrible twos", I still feel like it isnt an excuse to be wishing for them to be asleep every minute they're awake. My friend talked about motherhood being the "Ultimate Luxury", and I had to ask myself, am I missing it? And sadly, my conclusion was yes. I had never thought about the opportunity to stay home with them as a "Luxury", and then I started to think about how I would feel if I HAD to work, and I had to let someone else take care of them, and how hard that would be. I know many women who have to do this and I know that they love their children just as much as I love mine, and they would give anything to be home with them. And like my friend Nikko, I have to say how thankful I am for a husband who had the foresight to choose a career path that would allow me the luxury of being a mother who stays home. The field of medicine can often leave him feeling brow-beaten, exhausted, and under-appreciated, and I know it would have been easier to choose something else, but he did it in large part to the promise that it held for his family in the future. With that being said, I know nothing is gauranteed, and the only sure way to be happy is to follow the promptings of our Heavenly Father through the spirit, but I wanted to share this to maybe speak to someone else the way it spoke to me. Hopefully I can be more grateful for the priviledge of staying home with my children...even though they lock eachother in the dog's cage (more on that later =)


nikko said...

Glad my post spoke to you. I think that you are a terrific mother!

Jessi Fogg said...

I am so glad some one else is feeling like that. I have not been feeling good with this pregnancy and Hazel will not leave me alone. She has really been driving me crazy. Being a stay at home mom is hard but I agree, there is no way I would change things.