Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tire Swing!

Early on in May the landscapers came to plant grass seed in the back yard, and it was a good thing that the kids and I were out of town for most of the month because ever since they've been home they've been itching to go out back and play. Finally this weekend, after a little trip to Lowe's, we got what we needed to build a sandbox and hang a tire swing! I was impressed that the tire swing could even provide me in all of my pregnant wonder with a fun time (don't tell my mom). The kids spent ALL day outside! And now they are not only thoroughly dirty but they are both thoroughly convinced their Dad is the Best Dad in the Whole World!


Jen said...

That looks like fun! Aiden's hair is getting so long. It makes him look like a little boy, not just a baby anymore. I was really hoping for a pregnant tire swing picture though.

Kathy said...

Awesome! I want a sand box & a tire swing! Aiden & Mya look so big I can't believe it! Miss yall!