Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have you heard about Kimball?

Just in case you hadn't heard about Kimball, here's a quick synopsis:

He is the king of opposites

He is patient, generous, and kind
but he will tell you the truth even if it isn't
always accompanied with tact.

He is methodical and efficient
but depending on the task he may need to
be asked to do it a few times,
before he'll begin the work.

He is smart and insightful
but if there is something he doesn't know
he'll be busy trying to find it out.

He makes the best hot chocolate,
but he has trouble burning toast.

I've come home to find him watching
cartoons by himself.
I've also come home to find him reading
Principles of General Surgery.

He is passionate about his work,
but he doesn't take anything too seriously.

He knows and understands the gospel.
His example testifies of its authenticity, and
strengthens others' convictions of its truths.

He can hang tire swings and build sandboxes
He can throw his kids high in the air, or
gently rock them to sleep.

He is my best friend. He is a my childrens' father. He is
his father's son. He has his mother's eyes.
He is my husband,
and today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday to the King of opposites, we love you.


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Kimball! You have an amazing wife and kiddos!

Jen Sadler said...

Happy Birthday, Kimball! Love, Nick and Jen

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Kimball!

Colleen said...

Aw, that was beautiful. What a great wife you are! Miss you!

Colleen said...

And happy birthday Kimball!!