Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I hesitate to post this only because its evidence to how behind I am in posting, there are quite a few things, important things, that happened between that I'd like to post so maybe we'll play "ketchup" for a little while. Anyway back in March there was an opening in the play schedule and since I had not taken a turn to coordinate play group since we moved into the ward I asked my one of my favorite cohorts Katie H. to help me throw a "Green Day Extravaganza" in celebration of March. She was on board so we planned and had a great turn out! Among the Green Day festivities were a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" by the good Dr., a Green show and tell, a green snack consisting of green apples, green grapes, and frost-your own green shamrock sugar cookies! Mom's munched on Green lettuce wraps and enjoyed the company. It was a "Green-tastic" Day!

Aiden was more into just eating the frosting than participating.

Either Matthew or Isaac brought his green motorcycle, and did not care to be photographed in order for me to tell (this is what you get for waiting so long to document) ;)

Micah wore his green superhero cape, which his talented mother expertly made!

Audrey brought cilantro, and her awesome mom brought a yummy recipe to share.

All in all a success and a good way for me to get to know the mom's a little better! I can't wait to do another color day, I'm thinking a visit to the fire station for red day, or a pumpkin carving party for orange day...OH THE COLORFUL POSSIBILITIES!!!!


SandraK said...

You are too clever. I am so glad that you're my daughter-in-law and sealed to Kimball so we won't lose you.

Kathy said...

what a fun party!