Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

This year Father's Day was very peaceful and pleasant. With Kimball done with all of his tests, he was beside himself with free time. He kept going over all the things he wants to get done around the house during his break...I swear he's not comfortable with himself unless he is under some sort of stress. Anyway, after church we all took a nap, then had some friends over for dinner, afterward Kimball opened his gifts (a new drill!!!) and we had ice cream sundaes. This Father's Day was different in that I really felt very thankful for how hard the dads in my life really work, not that I've never felt that way before, but just more so this time. I love you Kimball, my deepest gratitude belongs to you for everything you do to be the dad you are in our family.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Dad
by Mya Knackstedt

10. He pushes me on the swing really high
9. He watches SpongeBob SquarePants with me even when he's got better things to do.
8. He lets me ride on his shoulders instead of my stroller
7. He sings songs to me even when he doesn't know the words or the melody
6. He helps mom around the house so she isn't grumpy
5. When we go swimming he throws me high in the air (I actually don't like that, but he does)
4. He tries really hard to speak my language
3. He colors with me during church.
2. He doesn't mind if I only eat the ketchup and/or ranch off my dinner plate
1. He loves me and my mom very much


Colby and Meredith said...

I've never met Mya, but I'm sure she and I would be good friends. Love the Top 10 list!

marcia said...

how sweet Mya and her family are

Becky Davis said...

Thanks Kimball for being a great husband and daddy to our daughter and granbaby. You're the best!!