Saturday, June 21, 2008

San Antonio!

So we just got back from San Antonio a couple of nights ago, and we had a blast! It was very VERY hot, but we didnt let that stop us. Mya loved Sea World where everything was "NEMO!!". We also saw the Alamo,which was a good chance to learn more about our state's history as somber as it was. We went to the Riverwalk which was beautiful, but after an hour it was so hot that it turned into more of a River "Drive". Mya loved staying in a hotel, she got to sleep with mom and dad, go swimming a lot, and eat in bed. It was such a nice treat to be able to be together without any other preoccupations.... even if we were on the verge of melting the entire time.


SandraK said...

San Sntonio is one of my favorite places. We've been there several times--PTA convention, Home Shows, and family vacations. Love the River Walk and love to be there over Easter Weekend for the Starving Artist Show. Kimball has a relative who was killed in the Alamo. It might even be 2. I've forgotten. It does look like you all had fun!!!

Becky Davis said...

This looks like soooo much fun! I love your pics! We went to the Alamo long time ago. (Apr 74) Just me, dad, and our sweet little baby Jennie. (10 months old). We were driving our new Mustang from Houston to El Paso to begin dad's military assignment at Ft Bliss. (Texas impressed us so much we signed up to go back to Germany before the year was out!)
Love you all so much and hope you are feeling well. Can hardly wait for the new babe. Glad the tests are done for now, Kimbll.

mbrooks said...

Looks fun. It's sooo nice to get out and see a change in scenery. I'm glad you were able to go.

One question- who's the animal on the leash?

Dree said...

You guys look sooo...HOT!!!! Bright red faces, hair stuck to your sweaty skin...ah, good stuff. Sea World is totally worth it though! I've always wanted to go to San Antonio, looks awesome!! Way to brave the heat!!

Colby and Meredith said...

How fun! I love the picture of upset Mya because she got splashed. Ha Ha!

marcia said...

I am so impressed w/ your ability to do that lovely video presentation of your trip which sounds like so much hot sweaty fun:)

sam c. said...

glad i found your blog.
someone in the fam sent it my way.
i'm sam...i'm the oldest cousin of your hubby.
getting excited about the reunion!
my blog is
(i have others, but they are all linked to that one!).
do you have emily's blog address?
any other knackstedts blog addresses?
see ya in a few days!

sam c. said...

what is your email so we don't have to communicate via blog! hehe!
i have never done preggo pics, but have always wanted to...cause i have ideas!
so maybe we can do something.
emily had a blog a few years ago, but wasn't good at posting to it...i though maybe after the last baby she started back up again!

marcia said...

OH i tagged you come see

Holly said...

just seeing if this works...