Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the Land of Women

For Mother's Day I gave my mom a gift certificate for a photo shoot with all of her girls with my best friend and photographer Carlye ( for the website click here ). Growing up our father was on estrogen lock down with 4 daughters and zero sons. Now are numbers have grown even more with 6 grand daughters. As always, here are some of my favorites from this shoot!

Two of the Matriarchs of the family. The one on the right makes a mean sandwich =)

Andrea with her girls Riley and Parker

All 6 grand daughters

1 Granny Cook, 1 Mom, 4 daughters, 1 large tree = ???

4 generations of daughters, Wilson Chapter

4 generations of daughters, Brooks chapter

4 generations of daughters, Christensen chapter

Born 3 days apart, attached at the hip, Grace and Riley

These two will always be babies in my mind...even though they clearly are not.

This actually would have been a perfect picture if Miss Mya wasn't such a turkey

between the 4 of us, we know everything.

"Like Mother like daughter" doesn't even come close...

Christensen girls, Jennie, Abigail, and Grace

Mom with her own brood

My #1 Fave....not a bad lookin bunch...

The longer I go throughout life, the more I've come to realize, all you can do is stick with the people that will love you for who you are, no matter what, and rely on eachother to help you get through.

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Carlye said...

Holly, I love that last statement. So so true. I'm totally writing that down.