Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well true to my resolution here I am at the end of one week and the beginning of another. Sunday's are normally quiet (well...quietER) so I thought today would be a good day to reflect on the week past.

It finally snowed. Monday was supposed to be our first day back from the break but was canceled due to "adverse weather conditions". I use quotations because it seems like the West Virginians equate snow to one of the seven deadly plagues, and every time it snows you always here someone say "Its not typically like this here". They're funny. I walked upstairs to find Mya all dressed and ready to go with her bed made, thanks to her trusty alarm clock which she got for Christmas. She was disappointed. Holy Cats that girl is growing so fast. Not just physically, more so in her maturity. She says and does things that adults don't even do ask me how my day was on our drive home from school, and ask me how she can help me around the friend thinks she's an alien. Alien or not though I wouldnt trade her for all the riches in the world.

Chloe is officially a thumb sucker, and she has slept through the night faithfully for the past 6 weeks. I love and hate how attached she is to the thumb (always the right one btw). I love it because its so stinkin' cute and she can self soothe independently. I hate it because when the time comes I can't take her thumbs away like I would a pacifier, and yes she self soothes, but I'd like to soothe her sometimes...does she really already not need me??? She's a giant by the way, I don't think we'll make it much longer without giving her rice, the formula just ain't cuttin' it anymore. 

Aiden is his normal old self, he's having such a hard time listening to what I tell him to do. It's like talking to a dead cat. He is the hardest thing about my life right now in fact. But he's so dang cute when he's not being a terd, that I forget at the end of the day how crazy he drives me. He has such a tender heart. And speaking of terds...(I'm pretty sure only mothers begin sentences that way)...he has finally done his big jobs in the toilet!! No more cleaning up food babies! 

Kimball is Kimball, aside from the fact that he is now taking out gall bladders completely on his own...I have a husband that cuts people for money and occasionally fun...wait. I'm me....same as yesterday...we are both going to try and start an exercise/diet program. I can no longer hide behind the "holiday excuse"! Anyway, I hope subsequent posts won't sound so "newsletter-ish". I need to take more pictures. Until next time...


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