Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beach Bums, First Days, and Welcome Home

September 2nd was officially the first day of "school" for Mya (she goes to a twice a week program during the day) since I was still in Utah her actual first day was on the 4th. But since the night before we were up late driving home from the airport, the morning of the 4th didnt get off to a good start. Mya slept in for like the 3rd time in her entire life...she does it on purpose...I hadn't been home so everything was out of place, I couldn't find the comb to do her hair, I couldnt find her the pictures arent as good as I wanted them to be. So I think I'm gonna take some when we've had a less chaotic morning and just remove the date and lie. Anyway, she seems to really enjoy it, I'm very happy she gets to go, not only for my sanity but hers as well. They get outdoor time, lunch time, nap time(I made her a cute mat), art time, she was already sent home with an assignment for the whole family to do, a page on "All about our family", hope to post about that one soon. Enjoy the real pictures until I can put up the fake ones!

I also didnt want to go too long without posting about our annual Bear Lake Family Reunion. My mom generously pays for all of us (Mom, Dad, sisters' families, and this year Granny Cook) to stay at a "cabin" that had 5 bedrooms 3 full bathrooms, kitchen, mini kitchen...the works. It was so fun, hard dealing with the two young ones...but worth it. The Lake was absolutely beautiful, and our cabin had an awesome view. I was glad to see I hadnt completely lost any progress with the wakeboard, and we survived tubing without any major injuries. We're very lucky to be able to do this as a family each year.

Mya decided to become a nudist while at the beach
Parker and Aiden really enjoyed their time at the beach...
Playing in the sand
Me and Granny
Beach feet
Jack Sprat

Andrea and Parker
Parker and Aiden (also known as "the blue one"& "the pink one")
Cannon and Mya watching a movie
Riley and Grace
The grandkids playing poker with dad...he's getting them started early
Dylan outside trying to look at the computer...he was missing all the great football!
All the grandkids (minus two tiny babies ) Truman 13, Madison 12, Abby 10, Jack 9, Cannon 8, Tyson 5, Riley 4, Grace 4, Mya 2, Parker 2 months, Aiden 1 month

Finally since it had been 2 weeks since Kimball and I had seen eachother, he decided to come to Bear Lake for a couple of days and fly home with Mya. After which I flew home with Aiden two days later. He picked us up from the airport and we arrived home to this

as much as he drives me nuts sometimes, he always makes me feel loved!


Katy said...

Way to go Kimball!!! A flight with a 2 year old by himself and chocolate covered strawberries.

Colby and Meredith said...

Yeah, props go to you husband! That is so cute of him to do that. Glad you have a fun time at Bear Lake!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

What a sweet hubby for a sweetie like you Cute, creative family shots too :)

txmommy said...

bear lake looks like so much fun!!
and how cute of Kimball. He's a keeper :)

The Tall and Short of it said...

Wow thats fantastic!! Go Kimball! SCORE!!

Kathy said...

How thoughtful! I love it when hubby's do stuff like that! I am jealous I want to go to the beach so much! Glad you had fun & glad your back now.

SandraK said...

Well, no wonder he wanted me to leave so fast. He wanted to have the house all clean and get decorated for you. He was so anxious for you to get home. He's sweet like that because he came from a good dad and because you're such a sweet wife. Glad you're home.t

Colleen said...

What a sweet husband! I love it when Ben does stuff like that. They can be so thoughtful sometimes, huh?

After looking through all your pics, I am left with the thought of Mya and her nude bum. What is the deal with kids and wanting to be naked all the time? Jack is going through a phase where he wants me to take the diaper off at diaper changing time, but not put another back on. On the beach though - ouch - sand in places I don't even want to think about! ;)

It sure made a cute pic though!