Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beatitudes for Women

Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a labor of love; for her willing hands and happy heart translate duty into privilege, and her labor becomes a service to God and all mankind.

Blessed is she who opens the door to welcome both stranger and well-loved friend; for gracious hospitality is a test of brotherly love.

Blessed is she who mends stockings and toys and broken hearts; for her understanding is a balm to humanity

Blessed is she who scours and scrubs; for well she knows that cleanliness is one expression of Godliness

Blessed is she who children love; for the love of a child is more to be valued than fortune or fame.

Blessed is she who dusts away doubt and fear and sweeps out the cobwebs of confusion for her faith will triumph over all adversity

Blessed is she who serves laughter and smiles with every meal; for her bouyancy of spirit is an aid to mental and physical digestion.

Blessed is she who preserves the sanctity of the Christian home; for hers is a sacred trust that crowns her with dignity.

While at my mom's house I found the above piece of paper taped to the back of the pantry door, titled "Beatitudes for Women". It got me to thinking of the women in my life that personified all of these beatitudes in one way or another, and I felt I needed to thank them in some sort of public way for the help they've given me these last few weeks.

My mother, who always seems to bring peace to my heart and mind. Who is selfless in all she does. If I can be one hundreth the mother that she has been to my sisters and I, I'll consider my parenting a success.

My other mother, who is wise, hard-working, and has more integrity than most. She has helped Kimball and I in many many ways, and has traveled many miles many times to take Mya under her wing while Kimball and I learn how to survive with two children.

My sister(s), all three have helped get me through tough times, this time it was Marinda who took time away from her family to come and sit with me, read to me while I was trudging through the difficulties of nursing, and show me some of the things that make her the wonderful mother that she is. I'll never forget how special I felt that she would come to my rescue.

My other sister, Chanda who was with me every step of the way through labor and the days that followed. She was there to give me the encouragement to keep pushing and the praise I needed to feel like I was getting somewhere. She was always concerned about my comfort through each contraction. I couldn't have asked for a better caregiver, coach, sister, and friend.

To all the women in my life...grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends and neighbors, I am truly blessed to have such wonderful examples to follow and learn from. For this I will always be thankful.


Colby and Meredith said...

What a sweet post Holls! Hope things are going well with the new baby!

Becky Davis said...

Thanks Hol for the sweet and thoughtful things you've said. You are a good little mom and life holds many blessings and opportunities for your family in the future.

Kathy said...

Those are sweet and tender words that we should all take to heart. Thanks for the reminder of who we really are. Are you back yet? Cause I sure miss you!

mbrooks said...

That's what sisters are for. I bet it feels good to be home.
Thanks for making the trip out when you knew it would be hard.
Love you.

The Tall and Short of it said...

What a beautiful post! Inspires me to be a better mom, friend, wife, and sister! Thanks!