Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goin through the big D...meaning Dallas!

Before Mya and I had returned home from Utah Kimball had arranged a little getaway weekend in Dallas as a surprise for me. Friday night we went out to dinner and drove to Dallas and checked into our hotel. Saturday we went to six flags and got a Flash pass so we literally walked on to almost every ride, and after riding all the rides 2 or 3 times we were pooped. After Six Flags we went to dinner and saw Harry Potter 6! Sunday we had breakfast in our room and then back home. It was so much fun, and I forgot how nice it is to wake up when you wake up, instead of being woken up by kids. Thanks to Kimball's mom for watching the kids, and thanks to Kimball for a relaxing and fun time. Love you baby!

The Room, This Hotel was called The Joule, it had a pretty neat art collection.

The pool was up on the 10th and it was built out over the street down below, it was really cool. You can see the woman looking down at the street....Dont Jump!!!!

After our stay we both agreed it was a little too "hip" for our taste, lots of yuppies with barely any clothes... not really our scene. It was kindof weird to think that a lot of these people are my age and lead completely different lives. It made me glad for my "wholesome" side =o)


Carlye said...

Geez! I didn't know you guys did this. The hotel looks awesome. Good work Kimball!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

What a fun surprise!!!

Kathy said...

That hotel does look awesome! Brownie points for Kimball for surprising you!