Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer 2009 and the Lake was fine!

I cant remember a year at Bear Lake where I had more fun! Wakeboarding, Tubing, Hot Tubing, 4-wheeling, playing games. So many memories, so many pictures. We did miss Kimball and Aiden, while he was home studying. We are enormously blessed to be able to do this every year. My mother put it well when she said "we have reunions so we'll know that we ALWAYS have someone to lean on, no matter what." To my family, thanks for all the memories, and always remember to keep the love in your throat and your heart in the clouds....ha ha ha

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Becky Davis said...

Yes, it was very fun and a great time spent together building relationships and love for each other. Thanks to all for your sacrifice and time spent. I love you all. (In fact I have alot of love in my throat!!)