Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shark Attack!!!

In order to savor these last few days of Kimball's summer vacation, we've tried to do some fun things with the kids this past week. Yesterday we drove to Dallas to check out the Dallas World Aquarium, and we all had a good time. Kimball has instilled his fear of sharks in Mya quite successfully and she was anxiously anticipating a shark attack to ensue around every corner. I honestly wish that Kimball and I have some long lost uncle out there somewhere who wants to bestow all of his riches on us, so that neither of us will have to work ever again and we can spend our days like this together...maybe thats what heaven will be like.... anyway, enough sap. Picture Time!

This is the crowning jewel of the entire trip. Look at Kimball's face, he has NO idea whats coming... look at Mya's face, she is POSITIVE one of these sharks are gonna jump out and eat her at any second. I think I'm gonna put this on Kimball's pillow...he hates sharks.
Just Kidding...THIS is the crowning jewel of the entire trip. Dont worry there were so many flashes he had no idea...
To me, this just proves that God has a good sense of humor.

Fruit Loop bird
Good News...since it was so humid inside the "Rainforest" my hair grew three times its size, as we were walking out to the car I said something about it and Kimball was like "Your hair is really big, but I didnt want to tell you, cause I was afraid you'd get mad"

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Katy said...

I love the mullet picture. It is awesome!!! You should have that picture of the shark printed on a pillow case for Kimball.